I just started to use Acid Colours and my results are quite patchy. At the moment I just do colour tests with 1g of Merino wool and I add different amounts of colour. I think its mainly when I add the citric acid that the wool gets patchy. I did some tests without adding citric acid and it was coloured more evenly.

Here is what i'm doing. 
Washing and pre-soaking the wool for 5 min. 
Adding the colour in the Water (I use a 1% Stocksolution), adding the wool and heat up to around 90 degree celsius.
When the temperature is reached (around 10 min) I take out the wool,  add a bit of citric acid to get a ph of around 4, stir and add the wool again. 
Then I leave it in for around 20 min. 
During the whole process I stir the wool every 5 min.

I tried it several times, with different colours, I always get patchy results. 

Any advise on what I might do wrong??? 
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
This sounds like your procedure is pretty normal.  Are you scouring the wool beforehand with synthrapol or something else?  If it is the waxy cuticle that is doing this, maybe you should try our Solar Fast wash.  IT is really good at cutting the grease of the wool cuticle.  

Taking the wool out is pretty normal, and yes the dye strikes faster once you put in the acid, so it is leaping on as soon as you put it back in the water.  Now why is striking unevenly?  Maybe it would be better to pre-dissolve the citric acid in some water and add it so that the wool doesn't experience the temp change?

It can also help to add a single drop of synthrapol to the dye bath just to break up surface tension of the water.  That will help the dye penetrate more evenly.
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Thanks for your reply, I washed the wool with some laundry detergent. But I ordered some Synthrapol and Solar Fast wash now and gonna try that 🙂
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YarnCreations YarnCreations
I add my citric acid when I make up the dye.  That way I know the acid is mixed well with the dye before I apply the combined mixture to my yarn (I hand paint skeins of yarn and use the microwave method of applying heat).
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