I have a pair of yellow cotton trousers which have faded in the sun - some areas are lighter than others. Can I just dye them yellow again or will the darker patches still look darker? If so - how can I 'fade' the darker areas so I can dye them to a constant yellow?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
You can remove the color with our color remover.  

There is a little pack of this on the iDye natural rack with a butterfly on it.  

You might be able to get away with not removing the color.  Yellow has very little contrast between light and dark, so you might not notice. Most colors aren't that way though.  The bets way to do it is remove the color and start over.

Idye and Procion lemon yellow/sun yellow look really similar, so the look won't matter much.  However, you can do procion in a bucket cold, while you should at least do a hater water dye in the washing machine or on the stove for iDye natural.

Procion is more resistant to fading and washing out.  It is your choice.   
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