Jay Jay
Hello, i'm new to this forum, I have been using pearl ex for a few years I use it to tint polymer clay, which I then use to make book covers and beads. I have recently started mixing it with gum arabic and water to make an ink for writing on dark paper, it works very well creating a fine line equal to any ordinary ink, but some of the colours lay bright and sharp and others are dull and don't stand out, can anyone explain the difference between them, the duo colours work very well and the brilliant gold is superb, but I have a russet which doesn't work very well at all.

I would like a to buy a purple and a red if anyone could suggest what might possibly work well I would be very gratefull
best wishes
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Pearl-EX is Mica that is colored. Some colors are basically either more opaque or iridescent (metalic) than others and as such cover better. Most Iridescents colors work well over dark shades as they generally cover well and all of our interference colors work very well over dark backgrounds. The purple should cover well on dark paper. You may like to try adding some 763 interference violet to that, for a cool flip color effect on the dark background. We don’t currently have a red available in the range.
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Jay Jay
Hi Celia

Thank you so much, I will try the colours you suggest, would you like me to let you know how it works.

Is there somewhere I could scan the result to, It may be a week or two as the shop selling the pearl ex is some distance away from home, (a nice drive out through some lovely countryside)

Best wishes
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