klfitzp3447 klfitzp3447
I was lead to believe that I could mix Pearl Ex with 5 minute epoxy and then paint it on the surface of my medium. I saw what I was lead to understand was this finished piece. So I experimented and found that not only ruined a couple of paintbrushes, but the epoxy set up too fast for me to completely cover it. Are there other options for that hard lacquer look?
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Victoria Victoria
Hi -

A really nice look can be gotten with the Pearl Ex Varnish. It is a water-based varnish that can be used as a medium or top coat with Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments. Works great on paper, clay, metal, wood or plastic and cleans up easily with water. This varnish enables Pearl Ex users to create their own lustrous metallic paints, glazes and durable finishes on every surface. Just mix in the desired amount of Pearl Ex and apply.
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