artjewel artjewel
I have read about mica powders used with fused glass. They are available through glass suppliers. These mica powders are supposed to be able to be fired up to 1400ºF. They also cost about twice as much as Pearl Ex.

I have several jars of Pearl Ex on hand that I have used for other crafts. I would like to experiment with Pearl Ex and fused glass. I plan on mixing them with Fusemaster Water Friendly medium, painting them on the glass, and then firing the glass to 1250ºF. This is the same process that I use for enamel powders designed for glass fusing.

An alternate application would be to paint the enamel with medium and then sift Pearl Ex on the wet medium.

Any advice?
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
The mica itself will survive high temp firing but unfortunately many of the pigments attached to the mica won't. The micas that are rated for glass firing may have a higher temperature tolerance. It is trial and error as to which Pearl-Ex colors will work unfortunately but I have heard of people firing in excess of 1250F and getting great results. Do a test first.
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