shizuma33 shizuma33
I am new to the Pearl EX pigments and wonder if and/or how they may be mixed with oil colors.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Yes they can. They are most effective in transparent colors.
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nibblywolf nibblywolf
Not only can they be mixed with oil based paints, you can mix them with your favorite oil to make full strenght metallic paint. I prefer using safflower oil or walnut oil, but linseed oil will do. You will end up with yellowing problems over time if you use linseed oil, so it's really better to use one of the other oils, especially for a very light metallic color.
As always when making your own paints, have good ventilation and a mask.

To add just a highlight of metalic, I've also found it is effective to mix a little pearl-ex into a medium such as Liquin and then paint that onto an area of already dried oil.
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ZOD!!! ZOD!!!
I like to do under-paintings with acrylic Lumiere and layer them up using oil based gels with Pearl Ex. For a flat finish I use Grumbacher Gel which takes several days to dry, and for a glossier finish or if I'm in a rush I use Weber Res-n-gel which dries faster.

I hope this helps as I've found wonderful use of these gels with Pearl Ex!

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