Kathi Severts Kathi Severts
[size=5]Can Pearl Ex be used in clay before it is fired?
Will the Pearl Ex have any reaction when it is fired?
What cone would you use?
Thanks, Kathi
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Noelle Noelle
[url="http://www.jacquardproducts.com/products/pearlex/"]Pearl Ex[/url] contains mica platelettes which can be fired at low temperatures. There are some clays with mica out there (or at least there were when I was doing clay sculpture some years ago) so it seems like something may be possible. You will have to experiment to learn how and if Pearl Ex performs. Definitely start at very low temperatures (cone 022) which means of course that you'll have to do a good bisque fire first. You may get some interesting results with raku or pit firing if you want to put it on raw clay.I haven't experimented with at all so I'm just kinda throwing out some ideas for you to try. Let me know if you come up with anything cool.

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