Lovelypainteddancer Lovelypainteddancer
Is is possible to punch up some lumiere with pearl ex, apply to a stamp pad and then apply to a painted fabric??? I want to obtain a really shiny gold repeated image on a painted dance scarf 72"X36". I would like it to look professionel, and be able to wash it too. So it has to hold up to some use. The fabric is nylon chiffon.

I would so appreciate some detailed instruction on this, if that is possible. I have just ordered a ton of airfix so it will not have to be heat set. (I hope) So please don't hold back, tell me everything I may not know to ask about achieving the result I desire! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!:D
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

Yes you can add [url=""]Pearl Ex[/url] to [url=""]Lumiere[/url]. You may want to try our Pearl Ex stamp pads here is a link [url=""][/url]

[url=""] Airfix[/url] is a liquid that is added to the paint. It is very simple. The longer you leave the paint before washing it the more permanent it will be.

Full instructions and ratios are given on the bottle.

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