daveas daveas
Hi all

I'd like to experiment using Pearl Ex pigments for (of all things) finishing custom built electric guitars. Before I get started I have a couple questions I hope someone can give me some help with.

I intend to mix the Pearl Ex into a waterbased clear acrylic lacquer.

First question is, will Pearl Ex, mixed in sufficient quantity, give me a solid, opaque lacquer (ie, paint) suitable for this purpose ?

Second question, then, is, what is a sufficient quantitity of Pearl Ex to make up, say, a pint ?

I intended to spray the Pearl Ex 'paint' over a coat of opaque white waterbased sealer and then spray a few coats of clear lacquer over the Pearl Ex coat(s). Would this best the best method of application, or is there a better alternative method ?

Any tips will be gratefully received.
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nibblywolf nibblywolf
Your idea seems sound. Although I've never sprayed pearl-ex, I have made "paint" out of clear polyeurethane and pearl-ex and used it to paint tables, chairs, and even an outside metal railing.

Not sure what to tell you about mixing ratios, I just add pigment and use test areas untill I get what I'm looking for. Brushing a weak mixture of pearl-ex on in a clear medium creates some really neat effects as far as the depth of the "shine" goes. Best thing I can tell you to do is experiment, you're probably onto something good.
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coloroyal coloroyal
A solid,opaque paint is suitable for this purpose

The mixed ratio of pearl pigment is about 7%
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