Penni_Jo Penni_Jo
We became aware of the Pearl Ex powders at the CHA show at Vegas. Since my friend Martha and I create molds for polymer clay, the possibilities of using these powders to create beautiful projects was intriguing.

Using two of our molds, a tuna can and black fimo, we created this beautiful box. No one wanted to believe that is a tuna can, so I left the inside unfinished. They take off the lid, their eyebrows go up and and they exclaim, "It's a tuna can!!".

The top of the tuna can was removed using a can opener that removes the entire top of the can, allowing the top to be put back on the bottom. After a thorough soaking and a trip through the dishwasher, the can was ready to become a beautiful box.

The project was fairly easy using only black fimo clay and molded parts. We covered the can, added the molded face, flowers and leaves (Sweetbrier Molds 1016 & 1001) then powdered all of the parts using Pearl Ex powders. After baking, we varnished the box and touched up any areas where the powder had been rubbed off during handling.

We enjoyed making the Garden Goddess box and are planning a group of designs using the same molds and powders.

Penni Jo.
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sereikastamper sereikastamper
wow that is beautiful!!!! I will have to see if I can find your website to check out your molds!
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Pam Guitreau Pam Guitreau
Really nice. What kind of varnish do you use? Spray or paint? What brand?
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