Chi E Shenam Westin Chi E Shenam Westin
I just purchased some pinata havana brown ink for pen and ink work. I love the color and the way it handles the paper. Q-How do you get it out of the bottle and into a small enough container w/o making a mess then get it back into the bottle? Is this not normaly used for pen work? I purchesed this because I was looking for sepia ink and this seemed closest to what I had used before.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
The pinata color is an alcohol based ink. If placed in an inkwell it may dry out as the alcohol evaporates pretty quickly. So whatever vessel you decant the pinata in to should be deep with as narrow as possible of an opening to prevent the evaporation.Try using an eye dropper to transfer the color. Isopropyl alcohol will clean the ink even when dry.
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