LaughingCatDesigns LaughingCatDesigns
I have been playing with the Pinatas and just having a blast! My question tho is how to set them so they are permanent, mainly on glass and metal, but also on vinyl and faux leather. Do I need to heat set somehow or do they simply require a clear coat spray over the top of them. I have some vintage metal buttons I'd like to paint up, but I noticed that alcohol will still remove the dry paint (I was cleaning off my ceramic dish that I use for a pallet, came right off).

I plan on having these paints for sale along with more vintage metal buttons, pearl buttons, and various other things, but I need to know the answer to this question because I know my customers will be asking them.
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]

You will need to use a clear coat over the Pinata to 'set' them. Any clear coat product that is alcohol free and is appropriate to your specific substrate works.
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Cessna Cessna
I use an epoxy/resin mix to seal. Any spray with alcohol will dissolve the colors. You need to check the ingredients to ensure alcohol-free.
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