meggysue meggysue
does any one know the ph level on soda ash. i am trying to buy it from a pool supply store and it is not sold as soda ash but as "soduim bicarbonate. they have diffrent strengths there so i'm not sure which to get..
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pburch pburch
Don't confuse sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) with sodium carbonate (soda ash or washing soda). They are completely different. Sodium bicarbonate will give you a pH of only around 8. Sodium carbonate will give you a pH around 10 or 11, which is what you need for using Procion MX dye on cotton and other plant fibers.

Most swimming pool suppliers do sell sodium carbonate, but I too once had one try to substitute bicarbonate for what I wanted. Don't let them sell you the wrong thing. Look at the fine print near the bottom of the front label.

See [URL=][U]What is soda ash, and what's it used for in dyeing?[/U][/URL].

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quilttag quilttag
I am not sure of the strenght as I am not home to see it, BUT I bought it from Home Depot- very inexpensive and it works great!
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