debcoart debcoart
I have become helplessly addicted to the Bronze, Copper and Gold Lumiere paints and have been adding them to my artwork, which I sell. The difficulty is in photographing this artwork properly so that the online images resemble the artwork as closely as is possible.

I know that artwork can never be properly duplicated, but with the luminesence/iridescence of these is nearly impossible. I have used indoor and outdoor shots. Sunlight, no sunlight. Flood lamps. Screens. Flash, no flash. Scanner and digital camera. Jasc software to adjust the image in my computer.

I have discussed this with nearly 40 other artists and the majority of them say that it's almost impossible to duplicate it properly. Does anyone here have any suggestions?

Thank you..........
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MarsFeeney MarsFeeney
Hi Deborah,

I did the [url=""]Lumiere[/url] color chips for the jacquard website. Here's what I did in Photoshop:

1) Scanned painted fabric swatches (a photo would probably work also)
2) Color corrected the scan
3) Ran the Photoshop "Add Noise" filter on the image.
4) Shapened the image with the Photoshop "Unsharp Mask" filter.

The two filters exagerate the sparkliness of the paint which is otherwise lost in the on screen image. To do this on a piece of artwork you would of course have to mask out the non Lumiere parts so that you don't add noise to the rest of the image.

Hope this helps, Mars Feeney
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debcoart debcoart
Thank you, Mars....

I will most certainly give these steps a try! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my inquiry.....
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