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[color=black][size=3][font=Fixedsys]Hello..I have a lot of medicine bottles from work I am trying to paint to use/sell as bud vases. I have been using Ranger Alcohol inks but want to try Pinata as there are more colors. My problem is coating them afterword to make them stand up to being filled with water and rinsing out. (So far I have been painting only the outside of the bottles.) I have tried many products to coat the (Ranger) ink but all of them make the ink run. What do you recommend I use with the Pinata inks?---thanks so much..
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All of the[url=""] Pinata[/url] colors are indelible in water, which means, basically, they are water proof. You can apply them to the outside of the jar. If you are concerned that the colors need to be protected further use a water based varnish. Jacquard makes such a varnish. Item number Jac1649. Since Pinata is not soluble in water the water based varnish will not smear the color.

Jacquard's [url=""]Pearl Ex stamp pads [/url]also print beautifully on glass. You can also draw with a metal dispenser tip attached to the re-inkers on the glass. The results are totally permanent. There might even be a few examples on our web site of painted/stamped glass jars.
M. Katz for Jacquard
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