madison madison
[font=Tahoma]hi there! I just bought a set of Pinata paints looking to paint on a mirror and on glass vases( items that cannot be heat cured) because I was told that Pinata is permanent on these surfaces. I tried wiping with windex and it came right off. with water it took a little scrubbing but i can also get it off. Is there a curing/drying time
where this will become permanent? or is there some step I am missing? the paints go on smooth and have beautiful pigment, just want it to be permanent. any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Noelle Noelle
Hi Madison,

You didn't miss any steps here. The [url=""]Pinata[/url] colors will cure more and more over time but will not stand up to a product like Windex. The solvent in there re-energizes the resins in the Pinata. The colors will resist water when fully cured (give it a week) but are not designed to withstand scrubbing.

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