Sevanmegan Sevanmegan
I'm trying to freshen up faded black cotton clothes which range frm men's XL T's to women's clothes size small. I keep reading page after page for instructions on measurements which has me so beyond confused and if I shld use urea as well as the soda ash. Also do I pre soak in the soda ash or not to?? PLEASE SUM1 HELP !! I've been promising my bf I'd get this done (since I have all us tshirts set aside to dye)
So here it is every1 I'll take any advice tips n tricks please and thank you for all ur help and taking the time to set me on the right path...

I'm doing immersion dyeing w already black cotton clothes that are faded and needing life brought back into them to look brand new again !!!

I have an 8oz jar of procion jet black
1:How much can I dye with that amount ?
I have A LOT of clothes that I need to dye so I think I might need more dye if so I'll dye what I can now til I can order more then dye the rest then

2: how much soda ash do I need to use with that amount of dye and do I need to pre soak the clothes? They've already been washed for even dyeing.

3: do I use urea ????

4: how many gallons of water do I use w 8oz jar of dye?
5: how much salt

Also anything else I need to knw wld be so helpful thank u all so much!!!!!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

You don't need urea for immersion dyeing. That's for Tie Dye. Salt, the dye , and soda ash are all you need. Normally, soda ash is only presoaked when you are doing tie dye. If you are putting this in a bucket, you can add the soda ash 10 min after you add the black clothing. The good news is that once you dye these, they should be more black and it should be more lightfast washfast than the dyes they were originally dyed with.

Use 1/3 of cup of soda as per gallon of water. The amount of water doesn't really matter as long as the soda ash is in that amount per gallon. You want the clothing to move freely in the water and not clump up and sit in one spot(causes uneven dyeing). As long as the fabric moves freely in teh water you are good.

I like to use 2x the amount of dye recommended for other colors with black. Black has to be very dark because if it is lighter it is grey. 4tablesppons per lb of clothing is recommended. That is usually about 3or 4 t-shirts or one pair of jeans. 2 tablespoons is approximately an ounce so 2 oz does 1-3 lbs. You can get 4 lbs really dark or 12 lbs fairly dark.

The black Procion dye is the only procion dye that responds well to heat, so it doesn't hurt to use as hot water as possible on it. It will improve the blackness.

As for salt, use 1 cup of salt for every gallon of water. That will really help the black as well.

You add the dye and make sure it is really dissolved up, you can test with a paper towel. If it has specks of color keep stirring. You need to stir every 2-5 min to make sure to get an even dye. I recommend leaving the fabric in the bath the whole hour for max darkness. You can go beyond that, but it usually maxes out at 2 hrs, and that is a lot of stirring which is annoying.

Rinse until the water is clear. A little dish soap, baby shampoo, or even better synthrapol or solar fast wash detergent will help you get the leftover dye out faster.
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theengel theengel
When mixing the powder dye, I usually take the powder and add a few drops of water to it at a time while stirring, until I get a nice consistent paste. Then keep adding small amounts of water until it's a runny paste. And so on. The same way you add water to flour to keep from getting clumps in your gravy. Finally, pour it into the water you have set aside for the dye bath.
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