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One of my jackass relatives poured bleach all over my shirt and now Im trying to fix it. So far I've used color remover and redyed. It looks better then before but still not right. I read on another website where someone claimed they were able to remove bleach spots with a very dark shade of procion mx purple. Is this possible or should I just use a couple of boxes of color remover and have a white shirt? The shirt was originally a bluish purple color and its all cotton.
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
In order to achieve an even dying of your shirt you will need to start with an even base color. Using the [url=""]color remover[/url] to bring the shirt to white will depend on the dye used to originally color the shirt. Some dyes are more responsive than others.
Once you've evened the base color any [url=""]Procion MX [/url]will dye the shirt. You might also want to consider the [url=""]iDye [/url]product.
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