rose rose
I need to dye a polyester shower curtain [U]ecru[/U] :). Does anyone know if I put half packet of the idye poly brown in the washing machine at a lower temperature of 60 degrees - would that come out a light brown / ecru colour?
Has anyone dyed shower curtains before? Does it remove the waterproofer / anti-bac (says shouldn't wash it above 40 degrees - but I figure thats just manufactureer veering on the side of caution....) :confused:
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pburch pburch
If the shower curtain is labeled as being waterproof, then you will not be able to dye it. Finishes that resist water will also resist dye.

Whether half a packet at a lower temperature will produce the color you want is something that will require testing by trial and error. Unfortunately, you probably don't have any swatches of the same fabric as your shower curtain, for testing.

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