KathleenS KathleenS
After a week of research, I just cooked up my first batch of silk veils using Jacquard acid dye. I followed all directions and am very pleased with the sun yellow color I achieved. My question has to do with rinsing and then washing with Synthrapol. Should the post-dye water rinse be so complete that the water is just barely tinted before I start my wash with the Synthrapol? And I have found that the Synthrapol is a very bubbly product once the water gets agitated (hand washing in a dish pan). Since the Syntrapol is carrying away suspended dye molecules to complete the process, does this mean that while there are still bubbles that the detergent is still carrying away dye? Then after the wash, do I keep rinsing until the rinse water is clear or will I just drive myself crazy trying to accomplish a clear rinse. I guess I need to know when to stop rinsing. At what point is the fabric actually colorfast? One more question, how much Synthrapol to use per pound of material? Thanks so much for your time and advice.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
You want the water to run as clear as possible especially if the fabric will be attached and washed with anything paler than it.

You may find washing the fabric twice in the detergent helps remove most of the excess dye. Then rinse till all the soap is removed and the water runs clear.

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