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I will be printing on some pants that are 81% cotton and 18% polyester. I am wondering if I should be ironing the fabric before I print on them through a stencil. Just to see if there is any reason that I shouldn't be, or if there are other ideal ways to prepare a fabric before printing.

Also if I am using semi-transparent ink could I do multiple coats of the ink to make it as opaque as possible? Is there a high risk of it cracking and falling off?

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Washing and ironing is good prep before printing. Having them as flat as possible will help with a good print. There is more than one way to get good opacity with screen printing. Using our Jacquard Professional opaque inks is one way.

The other is to remove the color from the pants so it is like you are printing on white. Our screen discharge additive can do just that. You add it to the ink, and once dry, you steam iron the printed area and the color is removed from behind the print only, and you get a bright print even with transparent inks.


Much better than putting several heavy layers down.
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