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An effort to considerably deepen the coloration of a costume is necessary.
Throughout the fabric is an 'embroidered' style vine of threading that we would prefer NOT to change color. For those of you who know what you are doing, is there a way to treat this 'vine' of threads (with wax or ???) to prevent them from absorbing the dye needed for the base fabric?

I haven't decided if I need to dye the entire costume & come back to change the 'vine threads only' or treat the 'vine threads' with some blocking agent.
Any suggestions/advise/wisdom would be appreciated.

Thanks everso!
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

You could do either method to color the garment and retain the distinctive color of the vine.

One way would be to resist the vine with heated wax and then brush one of our dyes or [url=""]Dye-Na-Flow[/url] on to the fabric. Alternatively you could dye the whole garments and then recolor the stiched vine area with paint such as [url=""]Lumiere[/url] or [url=""]Textile Color[/url]. Please note both of these paints are thick and will be slightly opaque. Also on [b]certain colors [/b] our [url=""]discharge paste[/url] will remove [url=""]Procion MX[/url], [url=""]Red[/url] or [url=""]Green label[/url] silk colors and some [url=""]Acid Dye[/url] shades.

Do a test first.

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