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I have had a problem with the paper sticking to the colored resist while steaming. I have tried wrapping clean cotton between the paper and the silk, it seems to have worked. Would this effect the setting process? Could anyone explain, or send me to a link to explain why the silk wrapped in paper is the best method for setting? I usually cover the top of my paper/silk rolls in the pot with a towel to absorb the excess moisture, does anyone else do this? Been doing this for about 1 1/2 years, getting the hang of some things and still need help with others, Thanks
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Hi Survivor,

Using the cotton cloth between the paper and silk is perfect. Not everyone does use newsprint type paper for rolling silk pieces it is simply the most common. A good alternative are old cotton sheets or other large pieces of natural fiber materials. It is important to wash these wrappers between uses - it would be horrifying to have dye transfer from one project to the next.
Using the towel at the top of the roll is a great idea - I've seen other artist do this, too.

hope this helps
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