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Hello Ladies,

I use acid dyes on silk and have been mixing my own colors and having them come out pretty much as intended. Sometimes I use the ratio charts for the Jacquard Fiber Reactive dyes as a starting reference point, other times I just wing it. Tonight I was attempting to come up with something between violet blue and royal purple color. Unfortunately I did not get intended result. I was dyeing two (2) nine foot silk veils that weigh about 1/4 lb total. I used about 1 tsp sapphire blue, 1 tsp fuschia, and 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of sky blue. I sifted and mixed the dyes together into about 3 cups of warm water and got a shade that was a beautiful purple leaning to blue. Almost exactly what I was aiming for. I then added my mixture to about 2 gallons water, was still pleased with the dye bath color, and then used my unscientific dip method to corner test. The color adherence and quality left me pretty confident I would be happy with the final product. I vinegared and simmered as usual but it came out WRONG. Darn. I wound up with a deep blue and it appears that the fuschia was mostly floating around in the dye bath. Halfway through I used more vinegar, even added some salt with hopes I could chase the fuschia into the fabric, and then as a last result mixed up some more fuschia to add in. I am guessing the fabric was saturated by this point and would not take up any more color not matter what I tried. Nothing helped. The veils are still very pretty and sellable but not what my customer ordered. I am curious if blue just penetrates faster than fuschia, leaving the pink behind in the water? Or, even though my dye bath LOOKED satisfactory, did the blues just ultimately overpower the fuschia? Any assist from the experts would be appreciated. I am hoping that Paula can scientifically reason this out for me, or at least point out the failings in my method. Thanks all and have a great weekend.
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