Flip69 Flip69
I am having a problem with bleeding/staining. It seems to happen exclusively with my fuschia dye (PR13 at Dharma, which I believe is the same as Jacquard MX-8B). I do not have this problem with any other colors. It seem like the powdered dye does not fully dissolve when I mix it. The mixed dye also seems thicker/more dense than my other colors (almost milky). When I apply the dye to a tied cotton shirt, it does not seem to absorb like the other dyes. Instead, it pools in the creases and seeps in slowly. When I untie and rinse the garment, you can see the bright color did not sink in very far, and the rest of the area is stained a dull pink. I use a dye mixing solution made from softened water, urea, and a little bit of kelp. I mix the fuschia dye at the rate of 2 tbsp per cup of dye solution. To make red, I add a tbsp of yellow to the fuschia mix. I would appreciate your thoughts. Am I simply using too much dye powder? Do I simply need to thin out my liquid dye? I don't think the issue is reaction time and temp. I am confident about them. Rinsing might be an issue. In general, I snip my ties, give the piece an initial spray rinse, hand wash it using Synthrapol, then wash in the washer using regular detergent. I use hot water throughout the process. Any suggestions or thoughts?
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JennyR JennyR
There are a few things that I'll comment on:

1.) The kelp is going to thicken the dye up. It may also interact differently with different colors. Have you removed kelp from the equation and dyed using just Fuchsia and water?

2.) Every dye has a different solubility. We recommend two teaspoons of dye per 8oz of water so if you're doing 2-3 tablespoons of dye that is quite a bit. Have you tried cutting down your quantities?

3.) Are you squirting the dye onto dry pre-soda ashed fabric or is the fabric still wet from the soda ash presoak? Are you working your nozzle into the folds of the garment?

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