trish27 trish27
I have always bought my dyes from the same place, but have found them at a much better price somewhere else. My question is, are all procion mx dyes the same (one companys fuschia is exactly the same as anothers) or is there no guarantee of that?
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pburch pburch
You will find your best prices on Procion MX dyes from any good dye supplier that provides larger sizes. An eight-ounce or larger jar of any color of Procion MX dye will be far more economical, from any supplier that sells it. Small jars containing less than one ounce are much more expensive and are best for trying new colors.

There might be slight differences in quality from one dye supplier as compared to another. Dyes that have been at a supplier for years will not last as long after purchase as dyes that are fresh. Your best bet is to use a large supplier who rotates stock quickly, as opposed to buying discontinued jars from a small crafts store. Some dye manufacturers might be less careful to make sure that their dyes are low in dusting or easy to dissolve; this can be a real problem if you buy large barrels of dye directly from the manufacturers.

There are many colors of Procion MX dye offered for sale, but most are in-house mixes of the same eleven or so basic colors. These may be different in color, even if similar in name, from one supplier to another. The premixed colors will be the same regardless of supplier if they have the Jacquard label. Procion dyes with different labels will be the same color only if they are the "pure" single-hue unmixed colors; see my page on [URL=][U]Which Procion MX colors are pure, and which mixtures?[/U][/URL].

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