Bdt485 Bdt485
Hi all,

I recently did a batch of tie dye shirts with an ice blue and forest green combo and had poor results with the forest green. The green areas on every shirt were outlined in yellow, and it left me pretty unhappy with the finished shirts (which were meant for various family members in a family get together).

I understand the science behind the components in the blended dyes and their respective bonding times; but there seem to be no pure green dyes and thus I am afraid to put trust in another green dye.

In an attempt to avoid more wasted time and money, as well as disappointment, I was hoping someone with more experience with the various green mx dyes could point me in the direction of a trustworthy green for a tie dye application.

Thank you!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
I haven't had this particular problem with forest green. Sometimes it has something to do with varying solubility in the yellow and blue. That is a problem. You are correct that there are no pure greens in Procion dye, they don't exist.

Birght green is nice, and it tends to stay together. You can also use lemon yellow and turquoise and they will mix to make something similar to bright green.

Was your shirt wet or dry when you applied the dye? Applying the dye while it is dry I think you are more likely to get the color separation. I think you should try it while wet and see what happens.
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Bdt485 Bdt485
I appreciate the response! I soaked the shirts in a soda ash solution, and they were pretty damp when the dye was applied. I also used violet and deep purple in addition to the other two dyes, an all but the forest green performed flawlessly.

I also used urea in the dye mixture, not sure if that would affect solubility; or perhaps my soda ash solution was too concentrated. I’ll grab some of that bright green and give it a shot. I did actually mix the turquoise with bright golden yellow years ago and got good results. Maybe I’ll go that route again. Thanks!
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theengel theengel
I've never had a problem with forest green separating as you described. Possibly the shirt wasn't wrung out enough (too wet when you dyed, as opposed to too dry), the dye solution wasn't completely dissolved, or it wasn't allowed to set long enough (you should wait at least 16 hours--but I've had fine results with 12 hours) after the dye is applied to the fabric.

Also, I can see problems if the dye is mixed, and then sits for too long before using. Generally though, I would think the yellow would disappear before blue. It's been my experience that yellow disappears within a day of mixing, and the blue/turquoise lasts sometimes a whole month.

Also, make sure there are no other chemicals in the fabric. If it's not properly rinsed after washing, or if you're using tap water in your soda ash or dye mix. Those two things might have an effect. I try to use distilled water, but I've made plenty of shirts with tap water. I've even used well water without problems.

Although--things seem to not dissolve in soft water. At least, when I've taken showers in soft water, it seems the soap won't dissolve and rinse off my body. I wonder if that could have been the problem.
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