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Hey All,

We've been playing with the Procion here at Jacquard and decided to dye a bunch of blue jeans. It was a lot of fun to pull the jeans out of the various dye baths and discover - depending on the base color - just what tones of color we'd come up with.
I'm posting a teaser photo - more will follow at the Procion MX page in the weeks to follow.
Basics for the process were: starting with blue jeans in assorted depths of color, each dye bath used a 6% by weight solution of dye. (so if I had two pair of jeans weighing 1000 grams I used 66 grams or about 2.25 ounce of dye) We dyed in the washer using the lowest water setting (about six gallons) at its hottest temp. Added the prewetted jeans to a dye bath - let it agitate for about five miniutes - added two cups of pre disolved soda ash - let the whole bath agitate for another 30 miniutes and then allowed the machine to finish its wash/rinse cycle.
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Lunargent Lunargent
WOW - those look GREAT!
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