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Hi, I've been using Procion MX colors on and off for years and love the results. I just read about iDye, and the ease and increased safety are appealing. Will I get the same results as I have come to expect from my trusty Procion colors? I dye only natural fabrics btw. Thanks for any help!
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pburch pburch
Since iDye is direct dye, it doesn't have the permanence of Procion MX dyes, though you can improve its washfastness with iDye Fixative.

Safety concerns are about the same for iDye versus Procion dyes: no problem if you wear gloves, avoid breathing or spilling dye powder, and use separate equipment for dyeing and cooking. I certainly wouldn't switch from one of these dyes to the other because of safety concerns!

To my mind, iDye is more trouble than Procion dye because it requires hot water, whereas Procion dyes can be used in room-temperature water and set with ordinary washing soda (which is essentially the same thing as soda ash). Washing soda is not a horrible scary chemical; in fact, you'll find it in any laundry detergent powder.

The great advantage of iDye is being able to mix it with iDye Poly to dye cotton/poly blends.


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Couldn't have said it better my self! Thanks, Paula.
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