I would like to dye a screen printed shirt that has white ink. Is there a dye product that will work on screen print ink? In other words - the shirt is light grey with white ink and I would like to dye it black with the hopes of it being a black shirt with black or dark grey ink. Thanks in advance.  
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
It is possible.  Our synthetic dye which is Idye poly, can often dye plastisol ink.  I can't guarantee, because there are so many different type of ink, but I have seen it work a lot.  It will likely only go dark grey. 

You will need another dye for the cotton portion of the shirt.  So I would suggest 1 pack of Idye natural black, one of Idye poly black and boil it with both in there until you are satisfied with the darkness of the logo.  
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