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My name is Jean, French Canadian, and would like to say Hi to everyone here. Not very good in english but I try hard.

I am new to tie-dying. I wonder how long the powder can stay on the shelf without losing power? Also, what is the ratio water powder for a good mix?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
The powder itself can last many years. I have used 6-7 year old dye with no problem. I have heard of people using dye that is over 10 years old with no issue. The thing to look for that may indicate a problem is if moisture has gotten to your dye, and you can tell because the dye will be all clumped together. That i snot always the end of the dye, but it usually means it has lost a lot of strength.

The ratio for water is not really very important. It is how much the fabric weighs. You want 2%-8% dye for the weight of the fabric. Black and navy require closer to 8% but that is too dark for most of the other colors. 4% is good for bright colors and 2% for light colors pastel shades can be achieved below 1%.

So you want enough water for the fabric to move freely, and you want to stir stir stir, to make sure the dye comes out evenly. Stirring is more important for procion than any other dye.
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