Skelly1993 Skelly1993
I am a clergyman, but not Catholic, or even, Christian, I am Taoist with strong old testament ties. I believe only Catholics should be the only ones to where a white clerical collar, So I want to dye 2 white ones I recieved for free light grey. The blend is 35% cotton/65% polyester. I would need which Idye packages? Also, I want to try and use the same bath on my natuaral 100% cotton waist cincture. If I do will it damage the cotton and will it come out the same color as the collars? They used to sell grey collars, but I can't find them anywhere, and the plastic ones are Tacky. Plus, do these bleed or shrink at all if I let them air dry? Last of all, can you buy these locally, I prefer to buy local? Thanks, Sean B. Kelly, D.D., Disabled Veteran
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