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1. The ipoly sneakers done by @nicklivingstonedesign post to Instagram. I'm going to try by first mixing the ipoly in a bucket of hot water, then add the sneakers after it cools a little. Is this the right approach? I usually try things out first, then ask questions, But sneakers aint cheap!

2. The vat dye using solar fast posted to youtube. The activation bath is the second bucket with soda ash mixed in? I'm guessing the water is luke warm.

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Idye poly is activated at 100C or 212F. It should be pretty darn hot. Most synthetics will be more than able to handle that. I wouldn't let it cool too much. Non-synthetic and nylon sneakers can be done at lower temp with Idye natural.

That vat dyeing is really cool, but I think it is easier to paint the solarfast on and expose to sun, or even dip and expose to sun. (You can dilute solar fast 100% with water and only lose 5% of the color to do stuff like that. The 2nd bath in that vat dyeing video is actually dilute sulfuric acid <2%. Seems like an unnecessary step. Pretty advanced technique.
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