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I used green, pink, and blue iDye last night. I pre-washed them with professional textile detergent and followed all the instructions. I then used dye fix in the final rinse.

The colors look amazing, but after they dried something strange happened. I went to iron on a backing to the 100% cotton shirts when I noticed that the heat from the iron was turning the shirt a different color of green. While investigating, I accidently sprayed some water out of the iron onto it -- no big deal right?

Well, the place where the water splashed started to dry and left a ghost like shape and turned lime green.

At this point the shirt is 3 shades of green : the shade I dyed it, the shade the iron turned part of it, and the lime green the water caused.

Anyone else ever had this problem? I can avoid the iron, but water shouldn't leave a stain. That won't fly with my customers.

If anyone can help I will be so grateful! I dyed over a $100 worth of stuff last night!

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