Pippa Pippa
I have a large 2mx3m pale green wool rug
It is marked and would be better in a darker colour
I'd like to dye it teal.

I'm realising I'm going to have to use air-fix as there is no way it can go in the washer. Not sure which dye to use......

Has anyone ever done something similar ?
All tips gratefully received .........
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Pippa,

Here are the things that will contribute to you final choice regarding paint type, color and amount to purchase:
the existing color of the rug
how much nap the rug has
how important the feel of the rug is to you.

Your best choice, imho, is the Dye-Na-Flow. This is a very flowable, dye-like paint with a very soft hand and transparent colors. When choosing the color keep in mind that the existing color on the rug may affect the final color depending on the paint you use. Using the AirFix with the Dye-Na-Flow will ensure good setting, however, it is also important that the rug be clean before you begin applying color.

if you have any further questions don't hesitate -
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