Rhyannan Rhyannan

Printing with Manutex f700 onto white cotton jersey, bicarb of soda in the paste. Washing out with synthrapol.

Getting a little backstaining and slight discolouration, which isn't ideal we would like it pure white.

We are leaving 24 hours and ironing to encourage the fixing process.... why does this keep happening?

I tried using excess levels of fixative - pre soaking the cloth in soda ash, and putting so much bicarb in you could see a crust when it was dry- and still there was a lot of colour run.

Is there a way we can stop it?

I've got a few theories and so far am wondering...

-should I steamfix instead of iorning?
-sould I stick vinegar in the rinse solution/washing machine in the hopes that the dye won't bond to the rest of the cloth in acidic conditions?


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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
I have a couple of suggestions.

Try less dye. You are printing more than the fabric can hold, so you get excess dye washing out. You probably don't need as much as you think, esp because you are using a far excess of fixer. In my experience soda ash pretreatment is more valuable than mixing soda ash into the print mixture or soda ash.

You could try a different detergent. I use Solar Fast wash more than I use Synthrapol. It really keeps whites white. It is made to prevent backstaining some really tough dyes. It is different than synthrapol, so you might have more luck. I prefer it personally.

Steamfixing will help with this issue, but I think you are still using too much dye and even with steam fixing excess dye will come out and stain.

Vinegar will only help a little bit, I think you are better off using Solar Fast wash.
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