I dyed a set of sheets and pillow cases lightish purple, but did all in one load.  Now they have like tie-dye effect, uneven dye across all, because the fabric couldn't move freely.  Completely my fault, I knew I should have done it in two loads but I was lazy.  If I re-dye with purple/blue, will it fill in the areas that had less dye, or will that always be uneven?  Thanks!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
It's a good question.  Really, you need to get the whole thing darker this next time so that you can't see the pattern that was put there the first time.  In reality, everything will show through in a dye job.  However, if you get the next one dark, it should cover it up pretty well.

I would do as hot a wash as possible and add 3 cups of salt to darken the color.  Do as long and as hot a cycle as possible.  
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