Hi all
I've dyed some cotton sofa covers (Ektorp from Ikea) with the chartreuse iDye. Now its done it looks a bit more acidic and yellow than I'd like. My own fault really, I think I should have used more dye. 
What extra dye should I use to make it more green? My thought were to use turquoise as yellow plus blue makes green. Only thing is I'm not sure how much to use.
For reference I used 126g of dye on 11Kg of fabric.
Any pointers would be really great.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Turquoise is the best option.  It will give you a good clean green, and is actually the blue in the Chartreuse.  

I think half the amount you used before total should do it.  So ~60 grams.  

14g per Kilo give a medium shade,

You had about 10 g per kilo which made them a little lighter than you wanted

so 60 grams would give you a light shade of turquoise and probably only move it one shade more blue

another 120 would be more in the medium range, and would be more blue than you used before. 

90 would be right in between

It just depends on how much more blue you want it.  I would recommend 90 I think.  
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