rc33 rc33
I'm dying wood veneers, and I need to be able to match various colors. I've done some experimenting, and it seems clear that mixing colors to get a particular value, shade, and tint is not a simple matter of proportional combinations of colors. For example, combining yellow and grass-green to get a pale lime green, 10:1 Y:G or 15:1 seems to be needed for a color about midway between the two. I can experiment, of course, but it's fairly tedious; I'm hoping for some info to save some time.

So, questions: are there any guidelines on which colors and proportions to use for various results? Are there a particular 3 colors which could be considered the "primaries" to combine according to the usual CMY system? Others that would be the secondaries?

Any other suggestions toward being able to get desired colors?

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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
I am not aware of the existence of mixing guidelines for our dyes but let me dig a little deeper. If I unearth anything I'll post them up for you.
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