diyasen diyasen
Hi,I am new to silk painting. How can I remove the water based resist if I use Dye Na Flow. Typically I will have to fix the paint by hot ironing it. So should it be washed after it i hot ironed?
Or what is the process to make sure that the color is vibrant and does not fade?
Is it advisable to use The green label dye to dye na flow.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Ok, so I don't think you need to heat set before you remove the resist. That can sometimes cause discoloration of the resist. Dye na flow is permanent after drying, so I would let the dye na flow dry for 24 hrs, then hand rinse with only water to remove the resist, and then allow to dry before heat setting.

Really fabric paint is pretty permanent after drying, the heat set allows you to really beat it up in the washing machine and dryer. A gentle hand rinse under a light stream from the tap is not enough to remove Dye na flow after it has dried.
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