Dane Dane
I have a bicycle seat cover that is red, and I'd like to remove the color. It doesn't matter if it turns brown, or a lighter red, or tan or pink or cyan.... I just don't like red. What would I use to do this? It has some nylon in it as well as cotton and faux-leather I believe.

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JennyR JennyR
In order to dye or paint it, the fabric must be untreated. I would suspect with a bicycle seat cover that it might be coated with something such as UV protectant, waterproofing, etc. Any of these coatings would prevent fixation of dye or paint, which means that it would come off.

If we assume that it is untreated then your best option would be to paint it with a flowable paint such as Dye-Na-Flow and use either Jacquard Airfix or Versatex Fixer so that it will air cure. Dyes are difficult because you have a variety of different fibers and you would need to know what the faux leather is made of.

Also, dyes and Dye-Na-Flow paint are transparent, meaning that the original color will affect your results (red+blue=purple, red+yellow=orange, etc.). So, you would be limited in your color choice and would have to go darker, rather than lighter.

However as I mentioned right off the bat, I would be worried about the fabric being treated with something. It would be quite embarrassing to get off your bicycle after a long ride and find that the paint or dye had transferred to your clothing.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

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