rosiesstuffnsew rosiesstuffnsew
I loved the Idye packs for my linen! 2 packs dyed 10 mts of fabric.

My next dyer's question is:

I am buying a sheet of wool felt sheeting to make hats from. But the only colours the shop makes it is black, beige and red.

I am want to take a beige sheet and remove the colour from it then dye it baby blue.

What process and products should I use?


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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Rosie,

With wool you'll want to use the [url=""]Acid Dye[/url] - this will give you the best color with the easiest method. As for removing color, you can use the [url=""]Jacquard Color Remover[/url]. I do suggest you do a test run with the Color Remover as some dyes are resistant to discharge.

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rosiesstuffnsew rosiesstuffnsew
Thanks for your reply. I've checked all the Australian distributors on what products each carries. None of them carry the Colour Remover. Do you know a store that would ship internationally?

Canberra Australia.
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pburch pburch
In Australia, you can buy Rongalit from Batik Oetoro. Rongalit, also known as Formosul, can be used under acid conditions that are kinder to wool than other discharge agents. See [URL=][U]What chemicals can be used to remove or discharge dye?[/U][/URL].

There's no guarantee that your beige wool will discharge, though. Some will, and some will not. There's never any way to predict whether a particular piece of commercially dyed fabric will discharge until you try it. Buy a small amount and test it first.

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