steve78412 steve78412
We are new to silk dying. Our practice efforts had us removing the gutta with mineral spirits. This did a poor job. We just finished a bigger project and took the painting to our dry cleaners to have the gutta removed.

They wanted no part of it. We assured them the dyes were well set with steam and it had been washed several times, but they refused to clean it.

What solvent can I use, and how do I use it(times, techniques, etc.). I'm no stranger to working with serious chemicals and have all of the safety gear, aprons, gloves, respirators that I need.

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Noelle Noelle
Hi Steve,

I checked with our tech guy and I regret to say that he cannot recommend anything for you. You might try a test with the Gutta Solvent.
That said, it wouldn't hurt anything to leave the Gutta in the fabric---just a matter of whether or not you mind the feel of it.
You could also use the [url=""]Waterbased Resist[/url] instead, which simply washes out with warm water.

Sorry I don't have any better suggestions for you.

Are there any other dry cleaners near you?

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