Hello, I have an acrylic pour painting on canvas. I want to stencil onto it but I want the painting to be the part that shows and then the stencil lines to be blacked out. (Am I making sense? it is hard to explain). I tried traced the stencil with the intent to fill in the lines but it is so detailed that I get lost with what is to be black and what to leave as is. If there is a product that I can swipe over the whole stencil, then I could paint over the whole area, remove the color blocker and voila. Does such a product exist for acrylic paint and canvas? unicorn negative stencil.jpg
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Yeah you can use a masking fluid.  The one I know people use for this is the Utrecht masking fluid for acrylic painting.


It is like our water based resist but for harder surfaces and it works on canvas.  It is like rubber, so it peals up like rubber.  
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Ivy Ivy
If you are looking for something easy to remove, you can use heavy duty craft freezer paper to make a stencil - iron it onto the canvas - be sure to leave a grabbable edge exposed - then do your pour. Once the paint has developed a skin and isn't super gooey anymore, but isn't fully dry, you can peel off the freezer paper stencil. 

If you have one of those cutting machines you can program it to cut  incredibly detailed stencils...
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