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Hi, hope you can help :)

I just did a test piece of fabric which came out good - too dark, but good, so I will just use a smaller proportion of dye to water next time. As I am going to be dying 4 dresses (bridesmaids dresses eeek!), I will need to have a lot of dye. [B]Can I save myself some money and just add to the pot I have already used???[/B] I didn't add anything else, just the dye, the included poly colour intensifier and water.

Secondly, I am wanting to dye them an emerald green. I bought the iDye Poly in green as there is no emerald. Can I bye an iDye Emerald, and then use the Poly Colour Intensifier? Or [B]is the actual dye itself in iDye Poly and iDye regular different??[/B]

Many thanks - please reply quick - time is running out for these dresses!!!

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