Lovelypainteddancer Lovelypainteddancer
Hi! I hope others can learn from my mistakes!!!
I am trying to revive an old leather purse that I love. The brown leather got blotchy. So I painted the sides black with neopaque. I used the neopaque (black) to paint feathers on the brown sides. They still had the blotchy brown leather showing through, so I thought I would put a wash over them to deepen and "weather" the brown. I used green label chocolate and digital mixed together. The look was perfect, but alas, as you know, not permanent. (ooops, big mistake). So I rinsed off what would come off with running water and hung the purse to dry.
Now I am left with some of the green label still in the leather, not too bad of a look. But I would like to do a wash of transparnt color much the same as the chocolate and digital mix. Only with something that will dry permanent [i]and not rub off on my clothes and is waterproof.

[/i]I have lumeire and dye-na-flo colors, air-fix, and a clear extender.

Please give me a recipie and directions for a nice transparant rich chocolate wash that will enhance the leather, but not cover the feathers I painted. I have to put it on the long leather strap handle as well.

Thank you for your help, (rescue):)

>edit>> O MY GOODNESS, I just saw my first post about this very project. How embarassing, I had it just about right back then. I would still appreciate very much any advise for my current situation. I want to make sure I don't make any more mistakes. :o

Please Reply to my post.

If I need to order new product to finish, I need to know soon. What about pinata colors? They say for oil free surface, but include leather. I always thought of leather as an oil surface.

Please Respond soon......
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Dye-na-Flow would be your best bet. If you mixed Brick, Brown and Burnt Umber together (Possibly in equal quantities) you should get a nice rich chocolate shade. Apply with a brush or a sponge and dry with a hair dryer or embossing gun to set the color. It should be pretty permanent after that.
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