RevAnnAdams RevAnnAdams
I have the Ink Jet Printing fabric sheets in cotton and silk. The instructions are not very specific as to whether or not to rinse the completed photo print on the fabric. Do I rinse it or not? If so, how long do I wait after printing to rinse it? Does rinsing set the color or does it need to be set with an iron?
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Noelle Noelle
Hello RevAnn

Whether or not to rinse the [url=""]Inkjet Sheets [/url]depends on how you are going to use them when you are done. If you are making a scrapbook page then you don't really need to do anything. If you are making something that will be washed--like a quilt or art-to-wear then prepare your printed image in the following manner: after printing, peel off the paper back and heat set with a dry iron on the hottest setting for the fabric type. Then rinse in cool-warm water. Some excess ink will probably wash out. Let it dry and iron again.

Keep in mind that the Inkjet Sheets [i][u]will not[/u][/i] withstand frequent or vigorous washing, so resist the urge to make soccer team shirts!

Have fun!

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