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HELP! I have been experimenting with golden yellow, teal, purple and blue SolarFast dye. We will be using these colors with leaves and other natural materials at day camp. I love the contrast after exposure but cannot rinse any colors well except for purple. Is the hot water the trick? This may prove tricky at camp but we can work it out. I am using the Solarfast Wash and Synthrapol, putting a capful directly onto the 8x10 trial site and scrubbing under running water. Then I put back into the sun to see if I have removed all dye and lose all the wonderful contrast. What is the key, hot water? The SolarFast wash with lukewarm water is not doing the trick. We don't need a white background but I would love to keep more contrast.
Thank You
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Hi Laura,

You've got it...Hot water is the trick.
When I don't have access to hot tap water I use my trusty little electric tea kettle to create hot water, although I can imagine electrical access could be a problem at camp, too. Another trick is to change the rinse water often.
One last thing that will help would be to use the SolarFast Wash rather than Synthrapol. While they are similar products the SolarFast Wash is much better at trapping the excess dyes and removing it from the fabric.
Hope this helps.

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