JoLapinski JoLapinski
Why am I having such unreliable results putting salt on my hand painted silk scarves? Using Dyne-a-flo, adding salt when silk is still wet, and occasionally I get great movement, but recently almost nothing happens! Using coarse kosher salt. Live in Florida. Is it possible the salt is absorbing some of our humidity and not working well? Can I dry the salt in the oven to make it drier? I thought the silk was too dry, but the last 4 scarves I left quite wet (not puddled, but wet) and results from adding the salt to the wet scarves. Help! Thank you.
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jmose jmose
I had trouble with salt in hawaii. I had painted my scarf and left it hanging to dry overnight. I woke next morning to a wet mess. The dye had run down and the scarf was sopping wet. The only thing I can figure is that the residue from the salt had attracted the moisture from the air. It was very humid that night. Do you think that was possible? I have since started baking my salt. It seems to help some but not on light colors. And I dont paint when it rains.
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi folks,
While I've not heard of this problem before I suspect that you are both correct in assuming that the salt is absorbing ambient moisture which is interfering with its ability to create movement of the dye or pigments.
Perhaps if you can set your pieces up in a dryer environment, perhaps your garage, while the salt does its thing and while they dry that will help.
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