swarthy.toves swarthy.toves
First time with this dye.
Heavy canvas in a top load washer.
Setting on warm to avoid too much shrinking.
Added dye and then salt and mixed it for a minute.
Then added fabric, and periodiccly made sure it was all
submerged. Didn't do an exact measure for weight of fabric
but used two packets with a large setting on the wash,
fabric was able to move well.
Let it run through three agitation cycles.

The fabric had scattered places, mostly where it seemed creased or bunched up, that took the dye very well and darkly, however most of the fabric was pale in comparison.

Any thoughts?
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Is there a possibility the canvas was treated with some sort of stain protection? Also, there is a possibility, even though the fabric was able to move freely, that the creasing and bunching created some sort of resit action.
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